Ask Mimi #2: Ironing and Pressing Boards…What do I need?

As we discussed in article #1 about irons, pressing is an important part of the quilting process.  One Mother’s Day, I told my husband that I wanted an extra wide ironing board.  While waiting in line to pay for it, a lady snarked, “That’s not a very romantic Mother’s Day gift!”  My husband said, “Lady, you don’t know my wife the quilter.”

When choosing the right set up for your quilting projects there are a few factors to consider.  Will your board be used for regular laundry? How much space you have?  Do you need a portable surface?  How much do you want to spend? 

At most department stores you can find a usable ironing board to suit your quilting and laundry needs.  This is an item on which you don’t need to spend a fortune.  There are a few features to consider, however.

Luxury Ironing Boards

A top of the line, extra wide ironing board might be your best choice.  The Brabantia Tital Oval Ironing Board is a good example.  It even has a parking zone for your iron.  With seven color options it will fit in nicely to any décor.  A 10 year Guarantee and the Child Safety Lock make this and excellent choice.

The Bartnelli Pro Luxery Multi Layered T-leg is another good choice for an extra wide ironing board.  This board comes with a 3 year guarantee and is adjustable for multiple users.  This board also boasts a steam iron rest to prevent the iron from falling off the board. 

We must mention the Reliable 300 LB longboard 2-in-1 Home Ironing Table could be an excellent choice for quilters.  The board has a generous regular ironing surface with an extension piece for oversized pieces like…Quilts!  Its convenient laundry rack gives you storage for completed pieces. 

Portable Ironing Boards

We don’t all have the luxury of keeping our ironing boards up and ready at all times.  If space is an issue, you might consider a Magnetic Ironing Mat like the Fu Global 13 x 33.5”. When placed on the top of your dryer, this makes for an inexpensive, usable pressing surface.  When not in use it can be rolled for storage.

A popular choice among quilters is the June Tailor Quilter’s Cut’n Press II.  This reversible board can be transported to workshops or stowed away easily.  It is light weight and has a carrying handle.  The cutting surface is marked with a 1 inch grid.  The affordable price makes it a must have for active quilters.

Look for an Ironing Board cover with lines marking common quilting angles.  The Household Essentials Deluxe Ironing Board Pad and Cover can be a helpful addition to any ironing board.  Make sure you purchase the correct size for your board.

An unusual, but interesting product is the Martelli Turn Table Ironing Top.  You must purchase the rotating base separately for this board. This product is helpful for piecing without the up and down of going to a regular ironing board.

There are many options for your ironing/pressing needs.  Some quilters have custom made pressing boards made to fit perfectly into their sewing room configuration.  Hopefully, this list gives you a good understanding on of the different options. 

Quilt you dreams!


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